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Attic Ventilation Patching and Prevention
This plastic roof vent was damaged by squirrels. The factory installed screen inside is not very strong and resembles window screen. These factors allow squirrels to get through these vents quite easily and have free range to your attic.

damaged roof vent
Here is a roof vent that was repaired with a high quality, heavy duty screen. With in one month even the screen will not be easily noticed after the screen looses it luster.

repaired roof vent
Squirrels can also enter attics through turbine vents. Inside there is usually no screen. Here we have taken off the turbine part and installed a heavy, high quality screen. Then the turbine can be put back preventing squirrels or other animals from entering.

turbine vent
Here is a high quality metal roof vent. These are very good at keeping squirrels out. If plastic vents are beyond repair, this is the one we recommend using and we can install these for you.

metal roof vent
Gable vents are very common entry points. On older homes they are quite often made of wood. To repair these we use a high quality, heavy screen, preventing animals from entering.

gable vents
Ridge vents are a common place where flying squirrels, red squirrels,and bats can enter. Because of the way these vents are constructed they typically are not animal proof. An inspection will tell us how well your ridge vent looks and whether it needs to be sealed against animal entry.

ridge vent
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