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Capping Chimneys and Furnaces
We cover chimney flus with high quality, stainless steel caps that are up to fire codes. These caps stop rain from entering your flue as well as stopping unwanted wildlife like woodpeckers, owls, woodducks, squirrels, and raccoons from entering.

stainless steel chimney cap
For furnaces that are vented out of the roof or chimney we again use only high quality, non-corosive caps. These caps not only stop rain from entering your piping but also stops birds, bats, and squirrels from entering.

stainless steel furnace caps
For chimneys that have more than one flu coming out, we often need to install a crown mounted chimney cap. It covers all exposed flus with one cover that attaches to the crown of the chimney instead of the flu itself.

crown mounted cap