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Patching Entry Points
We only use the best quality materials for our patching. That is why most of our patching comes with a guarantee.

patching supplies
This gap is large enough for many insects and flying squirrels to enter. If other squirrels get access to this area it would be one of the first spots they would try to gain entry. This is because they would feel the air flow from the attic.

gap in dormer corner
In this picture the gap is repaired so not only squirrels can't enter, neither can insects.

repaired dormer corner
Mice were entering this home through a hole cut in the wall for the air conditioning unit. We fill the hole with a metal material and then hold it in place with caulking. By putting metal behind the caulk if rodents chew here again they will not be able to get through.

repaired rodent enty
Uncovered chimney flus are a good spot for mother raccoons to make their nests in spring. Squirrel will often fall into flus as well as they chase each other during mating season.

uncovered chimney
A chimney cover such as this one keeps animals out as well as rain and snow.

covered chimney