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Damage to Siding
Most damage to siding is made by Woodpeckers. They create these holes to eithor feed on insects that have infested the wood or make holes for nesting.

Woodpecker Holes in Siding
Occasionally squirrels will enlarge old woodpecker holes to use as a nesting cavity.

Squirrel Hole
Ventilation that exits on the siding can also be used by animals. They are most commonly used by sparrows and starlings for nesting cavities. Occasionaly squirrels will also use these vents to access the building for nesting. Please note that the vent may not show damage even if it is being used as a entry point.

Dryer vent
Areas where siding and the roof meets such as chimney chase's, and dormers can attract and provide access for larger animals like raccoons.

Hole in Chimney Chase
Siding and areas that join the siding can also be used by bats. Sometimes evidence will include droppings or smudging around entry areas.

Guano and smudging around entry points