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Below is a list of other commonly found animals that may cause problems that American Animal Control can help you with.
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Woodchucks. Commonly found around partially wooded areas. Digs large holes in yards, shrubs, in out building, and under decks. Damage usually from eating many types of garden plants and ornamentals. Burrow systems near pools and foundations can also lead to structural damage. Occasionally found in attics and basements. Common removal and control methods includes trapping and exclusion by fencing.

Skunks. Usually found near wooded areas. Lives under buildings, in sheds, holes, brush piles, and occasionally basements. Eats a variey of foods like plant and animal products. Will roll up fresh sod looking for earthworms, and dig holes in yards looking for grubs. When startled, will spray and create odor issues under buildings and pets. AAC can remove skunks safely without causing a stink.

Our area has both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes. Depending on the type of snake, they can be found in attics, basements, or most any place in a home or building. Snakes typically invade homes for either a food source such as rodents, or to den for the winter. Never seal up any holes on a building that you suspect snakes are using. Call a Professional. Control of problems include trapping, exclusion, and sometimes repellents.

Common Garder Snakes
Chipmunks. Commonly found in brush piles, hollow logs, out buildings, holes, and basements. Similar diet to squirrels. Stores food near nesting area for the winter. Chews on wiring inside buildings, and plastic piping. Will relocate pet and bird food to inaccessibe locations within the buildings. Removal and Control of chipmunks includes inspection, removal, and exclusion to prevent further problems.

Feral Cats. Common through-out Minnesota and Wisconsin. Wisconsin research has shown population densities of up to 25 feral cats per square mile. Research has also shown that these feral cats kill wildlife even when they are well fed. American Animal Control can help you remove these these unwanted cats.

Feral Cat
Opossum. Uncommon until recent years this animal lives in hollow trees, brush piles, under buildings and decks, and in holes. Eats a variety of plant and animal products. Common pest around farms, garbage areas, and poultry production facilities. Opossums are generally trapped and removed from the premises.

Cottontail Rabbit. Found through out the United States in brushy and wooded areas and areas adjacent to. Food source consists of green vegetation in the summer and woody vegetations and bark in the winter. Commonly causes damage to gardens and ornamental plants. In winter months will kill small trees and bush by girdling them.

Beaver. This is a large aquatic rodent found through out most of North America. Inhabits ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. Builds dams on small streams to produce ponds. Food source is green vegetation and the bark of trees. Damage comes from damming up culverts, small streams, and burrowing into banks of dams, etc. Its food cashing behavior and dam building requires a large number of trees an shrubs, many times acquiring these from yards located next to water. They also flood fields and forage on crops.

Muskrats. Commonly found in the Eastern and Mid-western United States. Eats aquatic vegetation and tubers from cattails. Most common damage includes burrowing under lawns located next to water causing it to collapse. Also burrows into pond dams threatening the integrity of the dam.

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