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American Animal Control is Family Owned and Operated by a Wildlife Biologist specializing in gopher, vole, and mole control.
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Eastern Mole. Found through out the Eastern United States but rarely seen above ground. This mole is an insectivore and is commonly found in the moist soil of lawns, golf courses, gardens, fields, meadows, and woods. Active day and night in burrows and in all seasons. Moles feed mostly on worms and insects in burrows it makes by pushing through the soil with its pig like snout and spadelike front feet. Typical mole damage includes mounds and raised ridges. Activity kills grass and other plants and may start erosion on hillsides.

Eastern Mole

Meadow Vole
Vole. This small gray rodent is sometimes called the Meadow Mouse. It is one of our most prolific rodents breeding 12 -15 times per year with the young reproducing in just three weeks. This herbivore is found in Northern North America and it is commonly found in grassy areas, and around shrubs or near buildings. Voles eat grasses, sedges, seed, grain, and some insects. Voles will den in burrows, have grass nests above ground, or they will use abandoned mole runs as denning sites. Vole Damage is apparent in spring after snow melts or during the summer. You may see their runs spidering out on the surface of the lawn. Their acitivty will kill grass, or small shrubs and trees by girdling them.
Northern Pocket Gopher. Found in Western Wisconsin and through out the western states. This gopher is a herbivore and is rarely seen but commonly found in fields and lawns. Are active day and night and in all seasons. Pocket gopher presence is noted by the large mounds it creates while tunneling. Tubers and roots of many plants are the food of pocket gophers which it typically pulls down into its tunnel to eat.

Pocket Gopher
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