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Patching Entry Points and Prevention.
Patching of Entry Holes and Prevention go hand in hand. It's a fact that once you have had an animal problem, the probability of the problem recurring is high. Not only is it a must to eliminate the points of entry immediately after removal, but to also identify any other problem areas and also patch them on a preventative basis. If done properly the possibility of recurrence is greatly reduced. American Animal Control only uses quality repair products and guarantees their patches against re-entry.
Types of Patching and Prevention Include:
  • Sealing Holes in Foundation
  • Patching Animal Entry Points
  • Capping Chimneys
  • Minor Chimney Repair for Leaks
  • Capping Furnaces
  • Re-screening Vents
  • Installing New Vents
  • Re-installing torn out Soffits
  • Minor Woodworking Repair
  • Minor Shingle Repair
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