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Raccoon Removal and Control
American Animal Control is Family Owned and Operated by a Wildlife Biologist specializing in animal damage and removal.
Whether you have raccoons in your chimney, attic, or under your deck, AAC can remove your problem raccoons safely.
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Found throughout the United States Raccoons are maybe one of the most easily recognized species of wildlife that thrive in and around human activity. They are commonly a problem at campsites, picnic areas, dumpsters, and pet dishes where their opportunistic feeding behavior is obvious. It is also a common problem in chimneys, attics, barns, sewer systems, or any other buildings, where they will live and have young. Breeding season starts in February with the young born typically in April. They have one litter per year producing 4-6 offspring.

Raccoons will enter buildings by tearing open soffits, fascia, vents or simply by entering uncapped chimneys. Signs of activity may include walking sounds on roofs, droppings in or on attics, roofs or decks, and the crying of young raccoons at night.
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