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American Animal Control is Family Owned and Operated by a Wildlife Biologist Specializing in Animal Damage and Control.
Bird Control can be one of the most challenging of animal problems to resolve because of the many types of Bird Problems encountered as well as laws that may inhibit direct control.

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This part of the Midwest has three main woodpeckers that damage buildings. The Hairy Woodpecker, the Downey Woodpecker, and the Flicker. Woodpeckers use buildings for nesting by creating holes into the siding. They forage for insects that may have infested the wood, and they use the building as a sounding board to advertise their presence to other woodpeckers. No one is quite sure why they like to drill holes in our siding but we at AAC know it is very frustrating to the homeowner, that is why we have the answer to your woodpecker problem.

Downey Woodpecker
Cliff Swallow. These swallows build mud nests under the eaves of houses or building overhangs. These nests resemble a cone with one hole. Swallows are persistent and will re-nest in the same area year after year creating a huge mess. Their cousins, the Barn Swallow, typically nest inside buildings, creating an open topped mud nest on top of a beam or similar structure.

Cliff Swallow
Found through out North America, pigeons are a common pest in and on buildings and other structures. They commonly nest in buildings, on beams, or in cavities such as eave corners. Pigeons reproduce rapidly and their droppings accumulate quickly and cause severe health issues.

House Sparrows and European Starlings are both common building pests. They seek out voids in buildings such as roof, bath, or stove vents to build nests. Their nesting debris usally plugs the ventilation and it is common for odors such as rotting eggs or dead young to waft into the house.

European Starling

House sparrow
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